Anatomy of a Redesign – Path to CSS Grid

My web site and blog are more than dusty, they are neglected remnants of a career. A career made of supporting existing applications that leaves little energy for doing things that resemble design in the digital world. So in order to reinvigorate that spirit of making, a spirit that is both design and code, I’m brushing off that curled, sticky note with numbered ideas and am making them real. If the things–design and code–can’t be done at work, they gotta be done here. So what am I gonna do?

  2. Strip out all of the layout and styles
  3. Make sure that the document source order is correct
  4. Test for accessibility compliance
  5. Rebuild using CSS Grid
  6. Style, typography, images
  7. Test for code and accessibility compliance

I’m going to strip it and push it out in the wild for all to see. I’ll handle style, color, fonts, etc. in another post. First I’m going to clean it all out and then block it out with CSS Grid. I’ll put screen shots here for review, so that as I progress we can all see the process. It will be invigorating, he tells himself.